From 1st Cat to Elite: A Weekly Training Diary #4. Rest Week

A vital component of any training plan is rest and recovery. Once every 4 weeks I schedule a rest week. For me this means dropping the volume slightly and not doing any hard efforts. It’s odd to me that most people struggle to keep calm on a rest week. I’m quite happy to trundle around and enjoy the views rather than spend hours chewing my stem.

This week was a rest week, hoorah! Coming into this week i’d lost all of that fresh feeling you get when coming back from a break and my TSB was -45. I know from my past data that this is the point I need to back off before over reaching too much.

My sunday ride was supposed to be a jaunt around some fields getting to know the cyclocross bike that I just borrowed from a friend. A quick dose of peer pressure from my team transformed this into entering my first ever CX race over in Oxford. Supposedly it was a good course for me however there wasn’t a scrap of tarmac and it went through a forest so it was never going to be that good!

A CX race isn’t the best way to finish a rest week but it sure was fun. I broke every rule in the book and raced on brand new equipment that I wasn’t familiar with. This meant my race was marred with technical issues and so my result was pants. I spent a good 3 minutes fiddling with my mech in the 2nd lap and found myself restarting in last place. I clawed back 25 of those places by the end so it wasn’t all bad I guess.

Now i’ve readjusted this blog to coincide with the end of the week I can share with you my weekly summaries for the first month of winter base training.

tp winter month 1

A nice gentle TSS build over 3 weeks followed by a slightly harder than planned rest week. This means my form hasn’t quite recovered to positive TSB so i’ll be starting my next base phase carrying a little more fatigue than planned.

Ramp rates looking good at approximately +5 per week and ahead of where I was at this time last year.

ramp rates month 1

The mix of time spent in each power zone is looking bang on as well. Check out this beauty of a chart. Summarised by week.

time in power month 1

Increasing the amount of Z2 and Z3 time and minimizing Z1 as best as possible. As always, if you like this level of insight and want to apply it to your own training then give me a call!

Peace out



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