From 1st Cat to Elite: A Weekly Training Diary #5. Lean and Mean

Week 1 of the second winter base phase this week. Aiming to keep the hours coming in and keep building up the weekly TSS. A 10 hour week with 606 TSS, so that’s 30 TSS higher than week 1 of base phase 1. I’ll aim to keep that +30 tally all the way through this next two weeks.

blog 5 weekly tss

This means that the ramp rates and TSB are still in check and looking sensible. CTL 4 weeks ago was 39

blog 5 ramp rates

The biggest addition to the plan this last week is a strength and conditioning program. I’m helping one of my athletes, Adam Thompson through his first ever strength program and so we’re in the gym together a couple of times per week. In the past i’ve always piled a load of weight on whenever I start a block of strength training because of my body type. Obviously this is not ideal for a road racer where watts per kilo is paramount. I then usually spend the next 3 months trying to shift all the weight that I gained. ¬†We’re starting with a preparation phase focusing on form over heavy weights to make sure we’re 100% ready before lifting heavy. This time i’m going to keep a really close eye on my weight and my diet whilst completing the strength block so that I don’t turn up at training camp in january weighing 100kg with bulging biceps!!

Diet wise i’ve started by recording my morning weight every day and cutting back on regular treats and naughty bits in my diet. Hopefully I can drop 1 or 2 kg in the next couple of weeks before having to chop out too many calories and nice things. Trying to cut out sugar, bread and pasta bit by bit usually works really well.

Today saw my second and probably last ever CX race! I’ve never ridden off road and so i’d have to commit full time to CX if i wanted to contest a win. The skill level is just not there compared to the fast lads. With road and TT being my main goals next year it would be too much to add CX into the mix as well. No mechanicals this week and a much more technical course to contend with. Had a blast and think i sneaked into the top 30 so i’m happy with that. CX isn’t for big road gorillas!

blog 5 pic

Winter training flies by if you have regular goals and events to keep you focused. So i’m now building towards a mid december 10 mile TT. This will involve dusting off the TT rig and slapping some training wheels on it. I’ll aim to get one turbo session and one outdoor session a week on it. This will start with a TT position FTP test to set my zones correctly. I ride a fairly aggressive and narrow position so my breathing is a little compromised, making the watts drop a little. It’s easy to over train if you aim to stick the same zones in your TT position.

Thanks to everyone for reading! if you’d like help with your riding or racing then give me a call.

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  • Shame you don’t think you’ll be racing CX again. I also struggle with the technical stuff although I am improving. It is frustrating though knowing you’ll never be contesting the top ten positions as you can’t put in the time along with all the road and TT training.

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