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What are Your Goals?

Get in touch to find out how BPC can you help you smash your cycling goals

Go Faster

BPC will tailor a structured and progressive plan that matches the demands of your goal event. This begins by testing your current fitness and assessing your current training load. As your quality of training increases so do your chances of improving your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

Road Racing

Whether you want to go pro, achieve your elite license, win a race or just become fast enough to compete in your first race, BPC can help you. We have experience developing riders from sportive first timers through to competitive points scorers as well as taking experienced second cats through to the elite level.

Time Trials

Time trialling faster is our bread and butter. Whatever your distance or experience level there is a lot to be learned about the art of turning watts into speed. We have a strong focus on power based training, physiology testing, riding position, aerodynamics and equipment selection.


Whether you’re an elite athlete or a first timer BPC can help you through your event. Riders with a goal of finishing their next big challenge in comfort and in style… or not last… can benefit more from a cycling coach than anybody else. It’s not just for racers.

Head Coach, Ken Buckley

For details of pricing and packages get in touch now - ken@buckleyperformancecoaching.co.uk

Elite Road Racer, National and European Masters Circuit, Race Champion 2017, Open Time Trial Winner, British Land Speed Record Holder.

  • High Performance Cycle Coaching

    For Road Racing, Time Trials, Duathlon and Triathlon. Get the best out of you and your bike and push on to the next level. Whether you need a small amount of guidance or would like professional level coaching with daily contact and power file analysis we can cater for all and will tailor a program to suit your needs.

  • event specific preparation

    Do you have a charity bike ride or big event coming up? Would you like to be as prepared as possible so that you can enjoy the day and make sure you finish? Ken's experience for customising training plans to suit the demands of an event will get you through the day in comfort and style.

  • Fitness Testing

    How do you know where to go if you don't know where you're coming from? Get a detailed understanding of your current fitness levels and how your body reacts to exercise with BPC's scientific approach to fitness testing.


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